Ahh Choo! the Common Cold Cured With Homeopathy

fluI once heard a saying that
went like this: A clever doctor can cure a cold in a fortnight and it
will get well in itself in fourteen days. This is indicative of the
way colds have been dealt with while on modern medicines watch.
However, there is a certain method that can indeed address illness the
way medicine was meant to. Homeopathy. It, in fact, has a sterling reputation for not only squarely curing colds, but indeed addressing most other human sufferings.

choosing a homeopathic remedy to address a cold, look for the most
outstanding features of the cold to match the most outstanding of the
remedy. Use a 30th potency and administer it every 1-3 hours for up to
5 doses. When improvement ensues, stop the remedy. If need be, switch
to another remedy once you have given the first one a good chance. It
takes practice, but once you become adroit with homeopathy, youll
never return to the old ways.

Here are a few cold remedies and their corresponding symptoms:

1) The best remedy for the very first onset of a cold is Nat mur
6x. However, it must be ushered in with a number of sneezes and copious
clear mucus and taken at the first onset. If these characteristics are
present, then this remedy is nearly infallible. If not, its best to
consider others.

2) If chill is the outstanding feature, then Aconitum
is your remedy. It is particularly valuable when the chill is as a
result of standing in the cold or getting a chill from getting out of a
shower, etc.

3) When a chill is very pronounced, then Camphor is more likely to be the remedy to abort a cold.

If the cold comes from moving from a very warm climate to a cool one,
such as when the city dweller goes for a drive on a hot day to the cool
mountains, then Dulcamara is the best suited remedy.

5) If the cold has caused a weakness as the most prominent complaint, then Gelsemium
is best indicated. Chills up the back, beating of the arteries up the
neck and hands that are hot and dry are also symptoms associated with
this remedy.

6) Mercurius is the remedy to choose when
the mucus is prominent from the nose and is serous. The nose is swollen
and red from which there is a foul smell . A heavy head ache prevails
in the face area, there is thirst and nightly sweats. The person who
needs this remedy wants to be left alone, is depressed during the cold
or is often low in spirits. The extremities are achy and all the
symptoms are made worse from both heat and cold.

7) A closely related remedy to Mercurius is Hepar sulph. It is often a good choice when Mercurius fails and is particularly valuable when the person is over sensitive to pain.

8) Nux vomica
is the remedy of choice when the body feels blocked, such as when the
nose feels stuffed and would feel better if it could just release. The
forehead feels heavy. The person is often irritable and impatient and
they resent touch, noise and odors.

has the ability to be applicable to any illness, great or small. It
adroitly resolves the most uncomfortable colds. Next time youre
stricken, choose the most appropriate remedy and enjoy the next few
weeks because youll b back on your feet in no time.


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