The Power of Presence

 All around us is a life-giving, life-regulating power that
always has been and always will be. Called the Life Force, it is the
active aspect of the intelligence that is the Source of all life. The
most healing, empowering, and creative act we can do for ourselves is
to consciously connect to this force, which can only be experienced in
the present moment. In the present moment connection is automatic.

Such a connection is not intellectual; it is a feeling.
Having a mental understanding of the subject merely points the way to
the experience; it is not the experience itself. “You cant try to get
it,” Dr. Milton Trager, developer of the Trager
Approach, said. “to try is to fail. You dont try. To try is effort
and effort is tension. We dont try. We just allow it to happen.”


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The Most Important Dimension of Human Existence

Were here to find that dimension

within ourselves

that is deeper than thought.

This teaching isnt based on
knowledge, on new interesting facts, new information. The world is full
of that already. You can push any button on the many devices you have
and get information. Youre drowning in information.

ultimately, what is the point of it all? More information, more things,
more of this, more of that. Are we going to find the fullness of life
through more things and greater and bigger shopping malls?

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