The Power of Enzymes: Best Detox Foods for Digestive Wellness

A typical steak dinner may take your body up to a week to digest.
Youre digestive system has to work hard to break down the components
of the meal. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, usually take 1-2
hours to digest.  Why?
The answer is enzymes. To understand why certain foods are digested
more easily than others, knowledge of how enzymes work is essential.
Enzymes are basically active proteins that act as catalysts for
biological chemical reactions. In the body, digestive enzymes are
responsible for breaking down molecules as part of the digestive


Our bodies naturally make enzymes, but we also get them from the
foods we eat. Natural, uncooked, and unprocessed foods like fruits,
vegetables, nuts, seeds and some grains, typically contain enzymes. 
Since enzymes start to break down when exposed to high degrees of heat,
cooked and processed foods lack most, if not all, enzymes they
originally had.  

In the U.S., the Standard American Diet (SAD) includes very few raw
foods and a plethora of processed, cooked foods.  Many of us are
lacking the enzymes needed to digest our food, which can contribute to
a host of health problems. If digestion is not working properly, toxins
from food and the environment cannot be eliminated properly.

The digestive system is like a clogged drain, and its easy to see
how it can become backed up if the pipes arent clean regularly.
Common symptoms like being overweight, having chronic headaches, or
feeling tired and sluggish all the time are often the result of poor

Foods that will aid in the digestive process are any foods in their
raw, unprocessed, uncooked state. Fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains,
and raw nuts and seeds will all help digestion and accordingly, unclog
your bodys drain. To determine whether or not a food is raw, simply
ask yourself if any of the ingredients had to be cooked to create the
final product.

By consuming raw foods, your body will digest meals quickly and
easily, without storing excess undigested food inside your digestive
tract for several days at a time.  A good start would be to do a raw
food detox diet, during which you only eat raw foods and fruit juices.

Eating a raw diet is a lot more than boring salads and carrot
sticks.  You can have all kinds of tasty treats like pizza, enchiladas,
onion bread, chocolate chip cookies and delicious desserts.  The food
is prepared differently and still tastes delicious.  Pick up a raw food
cook book today to experiment with new recipes, youll be amazed at
how scrumptious the food can be!  

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