Exploring Celtic Druidism by Sirona Knight

Exploring Celtic Druidism book coverCeltic Druidism has been a path steeped in mystery with a power at one with the earth and as ancient as the land from whence it comes. In her book, Exploring Celtic Druidism, Sirona Knight gives the reader a look into the history, mythology, beliefs and practices of Celtic Druidism. Sirona Knight is trained in a form of Celtic Druidism known as Gwyddonic Druidism, a Welsh tradition. In enchanting detail Sirona reviews the myriad aspects of the Goddess and the God, their connection to and expression of humanity’s link to everything or Oneness. As she puts it, “when you struggle with your world, you’re struggling with yourself”.


Sirona takes the reader on a step by step journey which enables those seeking to start along the path of Celtic Druidism. Some of these steps range from gathering and consecrating one’s magical tools or working with divine teachers and choosing a craft, totem and secret name. She tells about initiation as a rebirth and a promise to work in harmony with Oneness.

Sirona teaches the basics about Celtic Druidic altars, circle casting, rituals and Celtic Druidic philosophies. She also writes about the Wheel of the Year with its associated lunar and solar festivals. Sirona tells about the Druidic Five Magical Works or little works as they are also called. These are the art of creating and utilizing talismans, pentacles, binding, healing and the cone of power as a means to “attain magical goals and create a positive life pattern”.

I found this to be an interesting book with many similarities towards Celtic and American Wicca. This book would be a good starter book for those with an interest in Druidic beliefs and even to those who are started along the Wiccan path. While much of the information seemed to be basic in comparison to in-depth studies which can be required or attained in some traditions, I found reading it to be a re-affirming experience. The continuing trend towards reconnection to the old ways and the feminine aspect of the godhead are movements which I personally hope this book enables onward. I hope that other readers are able to find the sense of reflection and peace which I experienced while reading Sirona Knight’s book. Blessed Be.

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