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A Very Brief History of Witchcraft by Isaac Bonewits

Women DancingI am unusually hesitant in posting this essay, for I have some ten thousand pages or so of notes, xeroxes, earlier essays, etc. on this topic, only a fraction of which I’ve been able to scan in and merge over the last few weeks. But the sudden upsurge of visitors to my website last Halloween made it clear that I need to have something, however incomplete, here for people to read. So consider this a “beta version,” if you will, and forgive me for not making it as “perfect” as my obsessive-compulsive habits usually dictate. This essay will be updated continuously over the next few years. Please note that many of the books referenced in this essay are out of print and hard to find, though will search for them for you and many such books are available in online auctions or from your local bookseller.

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The Aries Character — The First Sign of the Zodiac

Aries Symbol

Passion is never a problem for Aries. Nor is self-assertion. Nor is being downright pushy and tromping on toes if that gets a job done. Aries is long on initiative and ambition, notoriously short on tact — and few will apologize for that. Whoever first said, “Lead, follow or get out of the way,” was an Aries through and through. (Only what he meant was “I’m gonna lead. The rest of you follow. And God help whoever doesn’t get out of the way.”)

Aries people go directly for their goals. They don’t mean to be offensive; it just happens that way sometimes. And they don’t pour much oil on troubled waters when they tell complainers, “I’ve got places to go and things to do. Build a bridge — and get over it.”

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