Chakra Foods for Optimum Health: A Guide to the Foods that can Improve Your Energy, Inspire Creative Changes, Open Your Heart, and Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit by Deanna M. Minich

Book CoverRather than a traditional diet book that advises you to avoid certain foods to lose weight or lower your cholesterol, this book takes the approach of changing your diet to heal your chakras, and therefore heal your entire energetic system.

It would be easy to assume the book is based on new age fluff, but the dietary recommendations are based on real science about the energetic properties of different foods. The authors argument is that by balancing your chakras through dietary changes, you can recover from illnesses or stress and restore your energy and creativity.

Minich offers a scientific approach to her recommendations, starting with a quiz that indicates which of your chakras is most in need of balancing, and which is the most balanced. She recommends starting your recovery with the healthiest chakras so you build a foundation for healing. She predicts that most modern Americans have severe throat chakra issues.

Each chapter focuses on one chakra in order, and focuses on using that chakra to balance the energetic activity associated with it, such as communication in the throat chakra. It includes the diseases commonly associated with imbalances in that chakra and an exploration of the foods that could be consumed and avoided in order to start the healing process.

Although she argues that changes to your diet can help heal your chakras, she doesnt argue that healing the chakra alone will cure all diseases. It can, however, make the disease easier to manage. In the back of the book, she lists a variety of foods and the chakras they either activate or balance, as well as a list of common health concerns and the chakras they either activate or balance. Finally, she includes a chart of the chakras and the foods associated with them.

The book is designed to allow you to quickly flip through it for the advice you need, or to work through it chakra by chakra in order to heal your entire system. To get you started, she provides healthy recipes for each chakra, most of which sound like tantalizing treats rather than traditional diet food.

This is not a traditional diet book. Its a wellness book and a resource for living a more balanced life through food and spiritual health.

My only quibble with the book was the size of the text. The print is rather small, which can be hard on tired eyes.


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