Raw Food Diet – What Can You Eat On A Raw Food Diet?

vegetablesIf you’ve given any thought to eating a healthy diet or losing
weight fast in a healthy, natural way, then you may have given some
thought to going on a raw food diet. A raw food diet is a raw vegan
diet you can eat and be satisfied for a lifetime. It’s a natural raw
food detox diet too.

I’ve been eating raw foods for many years, actually 100% raw foods
to be exact, and I enjoy perfect health. I also have not had any weight
problems since starting and maintain a fit body even today.

If you know about the value of a raw food diet you know that people
who eat raw vegan foods are healthier than people who eat the standard
American diet – the diet we’ve all been raised on. I’m one of those too
who used to eat cooked, canned, packaged, refined, and processed foods
until I was diagnosed with breast cancer and also had multiple ailments
including fibromyalgia, arthritis, acid reflux, chronic sinus
conditions, digestive problems and numerous other medical problems.

There really is no such thing as a set or standard raw diet. People
who eat raw foods decide for themselves which raw foods they want to
eat. Of course it’s good to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables
and nuts and seeds and you want to make sure to eat plenty of greens –
kale, spinach, romaine, red and green lettuce and so on. Fruits are so
delicious and you have a wide choice depending on the season. I love
strawberries and fresh peaches!

You can eat a wide variety of nuts and seeds too. Sesame seeds in
tahini for example and sunflower seed in recipe like sunflower seed
pate. I love sunflower seed pate and eat it every day. Or make
date-almond crusts for raw desserts or easy homemade almond milk. You
can make lots of juices and fruit smoothies and almond milkshakes! A
raw food diet is never boring, always filling.

If you wonder if you’re going to get enough protein, of course you
will. There is plenty of protein in every living thing. Every fruit and
vegetable contains protein. I haven’t eaten any grains, dairy or meat
for many years and I have lots of muscles and I’m physically active. No
deficiencies of any kind and in superior health. As a former nurse I
know how to recognize deficiencies.

So if you’re considering eating even a partially raw diet you’ll
surely benefit your body and may even find that you’re getting rid of
ailments and/or losing weight fast.

I lost ten pounds so fast when I started I was pleasantly surprised.
But a vegan raw food diet is full of life energy, nutrients, vitamins,
minerals, trace minerals, enzymes antioxidants and phytonutrients.
Whereas a cooked food diet doesn’t have much in the way of nutrients
left – so much is cooked out of it. When foods are cooked at
temperatures over 108 degrees the good nutrients are damaged or dead.
That’s why we call cooked food dead food.

So there are lots of things you can eat on a raw food die whether
you eat the standard American diet, are a vegetarian or vegan. There is
a wide variety to choose from and many recipes you can make including
lots of raw desserts, raw pies, living “fudge,” living “brownies,” raw
crackers and raw entrees of all kinds plus lots more. And you can
quickly make lots of raw food recipes that kids love too. You’ll be
helping your body in many ways and in many ways that may surprise you
if you give it a try. A natural weight loss and detox diet too without
irritating cleanses. Why not enjoy superior health like I do.

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