Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration Through Tarot

The Following is an introduction to Spiritual Guidance Tarot
Reading as it is taught in my upcoming book/class Spiritual
Guidance Tarot – A Journey in Self-Discovery.”

In my many years of reading and interpreting the cards I have
discovered that the most effective readings tend to focus not on
“fortune telling” but on inspiring and motivating people to seek
their own truths within. I seek to show the individual methods
they can use to unlock their fullest potential. Personal
Empowerment should be the goal of any reading.

In my time doing readings I have seen so many people who thought
that I could just tell them what is going to happen. I know it
is human nature to want to have all the answers, to be in
control. In the past I often “abused” the Tarot myself
attempting to effect answers and solutions in advance. The most
important thing I tell people is that although many times
difficult, life is a beautiful learning experience. Every
decision we make, every thing that we do serves our growth. When
we reach those low points of grief and anger we have to try our
hardest to recognize them as a blessing. Yes a blessing, because
without sorrow we would not be able to express or understand
joy, without tears there would be no laughter. Life experience
is merely a matter of choice. We can not change the outer world,
but we can change ourselves and the way in which we choose to
react to events. When we make a conscious attempt to do this we
transform not only our own lives but also the lives of all we
touch. The present and future is a beautiful gift given to each
one of us to shape and mold as we will. When we attempt to shape
this for another person; we overstep our boundaries. When we
seek to show people different ways of looking at their present
situation, we empower them to make better decisions for their
futures. Empowerment is the best thing a reading can provide to
someone who is Troubled rather than false hope

My spiritual guidance or what I also refer to as my personal
empowerment spread consists of the following:

* The first position is the background, which points out the
general areas of concern in the querrents present situation

* The second Position expands on this a bit by showing me what
is motivating the individuals concern, what drives or compels
their actions.

* The third position I use to point out fears and underlying
problems that the person needs to address, things that block
their progress.

* The fourth position I use to point out gently things that they
may be overlooking or different perspectives to explore.

* The fifth position I use as an “action plan’ to point out ways
in which the individual can move past the problems/fears,
restrictions, and go forward with new awareness.

The Spread itself is laid out from left to right, shuffling and
reflecting on the position meaning as each card is drawn.

Sometimes this reading is a little difficult to hear, as it
shows us things we don’t always want to see. Our job as an
effective reader is not to placate someone or simply say what we
think they want to hear. Our goal should always be truth even if
it is uncomfortable. The reason that is so is that it allows for
growth for the individual, placating someone does not serve
their highest good. Of course that doesn’t mean that one should
be overly abrasive or condescending in any manner. When reading
about a painful situation, try to understand why the querrent
feels the way they do while still remaining objective. In the
next lesson we will learn in detail how to do a Spiritual
Guidance Reading for ourselves and others.

About the author:
Christin Snyder is a Spiritual Guidance and Personal Empowerment
coach who offers a wide variety of free self-empowerment and
transformational tools on her websites. Visit today at
Daily Power Words or
Spiritual Guidance Tarot.

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