Games to Play With Tarot Cards

The lighter side of Tarot deals with games played using this
deck of uniquely peculiar cards. These range from the highly
complex to those a four-year-old can play.

Zarcana, a
complicated game encompassing battles, voyages, life, death,
love, loss, and more can be played indefinitely or until one
player in a winning position decides to declare the game
finished. Another game appeals to the younger set because of its
much simpler rules. Each player is dealt a card and whatever
image is on the card, the player must enact a semblance. This
can be quite humorous and fun for younger children. Imagine the
delight when a player is dealt The Fool!

There are as many Tarot games as there are Tarot aficionados,
and a quick look through the Internet can locate more Tarot
games than a person could humanly attempt to play in one
lifetime. But this is the joy of Tarot and of the Internet!

As with games, Tarot deck designs run the gamut as well. After
all, these cards have been around for hundreds of years, and
each culture has contributed its own version. Sometimes even
individuals have come forth with their own versions of the game,
and some of these have become quite popular. The Waite-Smith
Tarot version (also known as Rider-Waite) of the cards,
created during the early part of the 20th century, has become
probably the most popular design used today. Along with
Waite-Smith, some of the better-known and still-used Tarot
versions include the Visconti-Sforza, the Marseille, and the
Minchiate. These latter decks often feature elaborate artwork
without a great deal of occult imagery and, depending on
personal tastes, can sometimes be construed as masterpieces of
Renaissance design.

Many teachers of Tarot recommend using the Waite-Smith version
until the novice has become familiar with all the image meanings
and representations. At this point, the student can then proceed
to select from the many Tarot designs available the deck that
appeals to him or her personally. It is not unusual for even a
long-time practitioner of Tarot to continue using the
Waite-Smith version because, as one Tarot reader says, It is
simple, forthright, and appeals to the pragmatic side of my

Tarot card decks can be purchased many places both online and at
brick-and-mortar retailers. Because the stigma of devil
worship has left the Tarot in many parts, sometimes one can
find a deck in as innocuous a place as Wal-Mart. Other areas may
only carry decks in out-of-the-way fortune-teller supply shops
and other underground markets.

Tarot serves to entertain as well as to gain insight, much as it
did hundreds of years ago. So invest in your own deck and begin
today to reap the rewards of learning Tarot. You may gain more
than you ever imagined!

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