The Shining Tribe Tarot Deck and Book Set by Rachel Pollack

When I first opened The Shining Tribe Tarot
I was immediately enthralled with the cards themselves. Each card
brings to mind images of Native American stories and mysticism. In
fact, the artwork is said to be drawn from Stone Age rock art, Native
American and African shamanism, Australian Aboriginal art, and the
Kabbalah. It is no wonder, as each card stirs feelings of ancient
wisdom that continue to hold truth and value in our modern day lives.
The cards are different: instead of the expected Minor Arcana Wands,
there are Trees representing the Fire element. Rivers, Birds and
Stones, stand in for the usual Cups, Swords and Disks. Personally, I
enjoy the use of such elemental symbols, drawn straight from the
natural world, for it seems to touch a more ancient place within
myself, a place more tribal and rooted in the Earth.

deck comes with a superb guidebook, with each card carefully explained.
The book is very easy to read and follow, even for a newcomer such as
myself. At the end of the book, Rachel takes time to suggest possible
spreads and includes a glossary, as well as an index of name changes
she implements in these cards. For instance, the 12th Major Arcana card
is named “Hanged Woman,” rather than the more traditional “Hanged Man,”
which may also account for my strong appreciation of these cards, for I
tend to enjoy cards that are more woman-centered and woman-identified.
I would certainly recommend this deck and accompanying manual to anyone
who is searching for a slightly different tarot and/or a deck that
reaches into the ancient times where mysticism and symbols were more a
part of everyday life and taught all the lessons.

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