Legend: The Arthurian Tarot and Keeper of Words (companion book) by Anna Marie Ferguson

I chose this book because of my love for tarot. I was not disappointed.
Anna Marrie Ferguson demonstrates her passion for this subject by
intertwining her knowledge of Arthur and tarot throughout this well
thought out book. She gives each card a meticulous meaning as she takes
you on a journey through the life and times of King Arthur. Each card
represents a person or a story that draws you into the legend, making
it easy to absorb both the cards and their meaning. The description of
each illustration is a guide to the symbolism. Here’s an example:

    The lady of the lake appears to
    Arthur, representing cosmic law. She is a reminder that there is a
    mightier court than the king’s justice.
    In light of his past deeds the lady of the lake deems him worthy of her
    seal, presenting him with Excalibur and the scabbard.

    Her figure embodies the scales of
    justice as she weighs the virtues of sword and scabbard. The
    determination and decisive actions of the sword are in equilibrium with
    the mercy and protection of the scabbard. this represents a well
    balanced person who can be entrusted to carry out responsibilities in
    an honourable manner.

I enjoyed Ferguson’s
explanations of the reversals of each card as well as the short intro
she provided to the basic meaning of each suit(cups, swords, etcetera).
She also gives an example reading for three different kinds of tarot
spreads: horseshoe, astrological, and Celtic.

I strongly recommend this book
to beginners. The stories linking each card to the illustrations make
it very easy to commit meanings to memory. However, I would also
recommend it to anyone else — If you have any interest in Arthur it
will be even more appealing. The illustrations are very well done,
making it not just a tarot deck but a compelling story unfolding before

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