Ask Phoenix: The Magickal Properties of Stones, Rocks & Crystals

Q: I am told that there is a special energy in stones, rocks, crystals,
and other natural earth formations. how does one go about *feeling* the
energy in these objects, how does one meditate on these things, and what
are they used for?

— Marley

A: The energy that is attributed to stones and crystals is usually a
product of an association, emotion, or other sense that someone feels
about the stone. It may not necessarily be the case that a spark like
lightening jumps off that chunk of obsidian, but its smooth surface may
spark images in your mind’s eye that are just as potent.


If you’re drawn to rocks and crystals, you’re already sensing energy
that these objects have within them. A certain stone may sparkle and
make you smile, another rock may remind you of a certain river you once
visited, still another may set your mind to wander. Use your natural
inclinations and trust your instincts because they’re your best guides
in sensing energy.

Take a stone you like and spend some time with it. Hold it in your hand
and try to notice any feelings you get from it. Does it make you feel
joyous? Does it make you feel relaxed and meditative? Does your hand or
arm tingle when you touch it? Write down all the things that you notice
within yourself. Also, write down any ideas that come to you about the
stone itself. Do its colors remind you of a storm? Do cracks and flaws
within it add sparkle or is there a smooth strength? Is there a
particular “personality” to the stone?

If you’re looking for a stone for a particular purpose, concentrate on
that purpose and look for the stone that engenders a feeling that most
closely matches your intention. For instance, if you’re looking for a
stone to help with a healing ritual, imagine feeling healthy and strong,
then look for a stone that conjurs up a feeling of strength and health
in your mind or heart.

If you have stones already and don’t know what they’re meant for, take
time with each of them. Unless you received a great handful of stones
all at once in a grab-bag of some sort, you probably picked each of them
for a particular reason at a particular time. This is your key to their
purpose for you. Pick a stone to carry with you for a week and see what
kinds of things you notice — perhaps you’re able to more calmly react
to stressful situations or luck seems to be with you. The more you use a
particular stone for a particular purpose, the better that stone will
“work” for you. Also, if you receive a stone from a friend or have been
using a stone for a long period of time, check to see if you feel as
though the stone is dirty or feels too heavy — it may need to be
cleansed of excess energy. To do this you can bury it in sand or earth
for three days or run it under water (a faucet tap works fine) until
you feel as though the stone is clean.

Above all else, practice getting in touch with stones. The more you
handle natural objects and notices their differences, the better you’ll
get at sensing their energy and hearing the messages they have to tell
you. Scientifically speaking, the energy may only be a psychic trigger
for you, but if it helps you get the results you desire, go with it!

Phoenix is a Wiccan living in
East Central Illinois, where there’s a surprisingly strong Pagan
community for such a small town. She’s ever inspired by the diverse,
wonderful individuals in town and in the circle she works with.

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